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How to manage the consistency in our kitchen?

Chef Arz Mobile

Consistency in the kitchen is the key, it builds trust with your customers, creates a reputation, and ultimately, enhances your bottom line. There are several ways to manage this:

  1. Having an effective daily preparation system.

Having an effective daily preparation system is one of the most important parts of kitchen management, it provides the kitchen production line with the necessary amount of products to fill orders during service periods. A reliable, systematic, daily preparation system helps in controlling food cost as well as ensuring the highest quality and freshness for your recipes.

If the products received for daily operation is more than the quantity needed, this will result in wastage, having less then the required quantity will result in shortage, therefore it is very important to plan to avoid this. 

  1. Well-tested & executed recipes.

The cornerstone of consistent foodservice starts with well-tested & well-executed recipes and reliable product yields.

              Without solid recipes and yields, costly and consistent mistakes will happen frequently. 

  1. Build a costed-out and tested recipes paramount.

Making properly costed-out and tested recipes paramount will avoid food wastage and insure the consistency.

  1. Recipe manual & book should be provided for all involved with the food preparation.

Once a recipe is written, tested, and expanded into bulk format, it's time to put the numbers and amounts along with pictures into a manual that the cooks can use. 

Recipe books should always be available to all cooks who work on the stations where the recipes are used. Ensuring that the cooks make only what is needed for a reasonable amount of time ensuring the quality and consistency of food preparations.

  1. Follow the correct yields.

Yields have another very important function in food costing, and ultimately, in successful recipes as well. The yields of the raw material either food solution used on our operation plays a big roll for Example “to obtain one liter of readymade Demi-Glace sauce will cost $1.5 from X Food solution brand name, knowing that with using Y brand solution for the same the cost will be $1.8. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have better quality with higher cost, this is not the case.

  1. Accurate & generated recipe for raw materials along with two suppliers.

To create accurate recipes and plate costs, the correct raw product costs must be generated. All recipes must be tested and tasted using two raw materials options, this is to avoid any out of stock that can occur and to ensure the consistency of served food. This must be done for each raw material product used in the kitchen (beef, chicken, fish, vegetables etc.) which will give you more confidence in each plate.

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