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Nestlé Professional ‘Sweet Earth’ Plant-Based Range in the MENA region


Nestlé Professional – the Nestlé arm committed to foodservice operations – has launched its ‘Sweet Earth’ plant-based range in the Middle East and North Africa. The new offerings of The Awesome Burger, Vegetarian Schnitzel, and Vegetarian Nuggets are in line with Nestlé’s strive to provide more delicious, nutritious and sustainable meat alternatives for people looking to incorporate meatless options into their diet.

“People’s food preferences in the region are rapidly changing, with many opting for meat alternatives that are not only good for them but also good for the environment,” said Ayça Koç, Nestlé Professional Food Business Manager, MENA. “The shift towards more plant-based eating has been largely fuelled by public demand and more attention to personal well-being, which is why plant- based diets are no longer just for vegetarians or vegans, as more and more people become flexitarian in their eating habits: choosing to reduce their meat consumption significantly.”

The Awesome Burger

Made with 100% plant-based protein, The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger provides the real burger experience without compromise on taste and texture. Consisting of soy, wheat, beetroot concentrate, and coconut oil, the protein-packed burger promises delicious texture for those who would like to cut down on meat while still enjoying meals they love. Its production also has a lower environmental impact than a conventional beef burger – requiring 75% less land use and generating 80% less carbon emissions.

Launching more plant-based food and beverages is part of Nestlé's efforts to speed up the transformation of its offerings with innovative, sustainable products, and in line with the company’s ambition to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Nestlé will also look to reformulate its products using more climate-friendly ingredients.

Plant-based foods can also be a good source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, dietary fiber, and healthy oils for people who choose to reduce or eliminate animal products from their diets because of dietary intolerances, decreased cardiovascular health, or general well-being purposes.

Nestlé’s plant-based Sweet Earth range is now available across select restaurants in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait; and will soon make its way to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.