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NutriPro Portion Awareness - On the Buffet

Having “eyes bigger than your belly” is a common affliction at self-service buffets, which may  lead to over-indulgence and food waste. However, there are some buffet line tactics that can  help mitigate waste and guide guests towards a balanced plate.

  1. Offer a variety of plate sizes to give  guests options.
  2. Place vegetables and lighter salads  at the beginning of the line so  customers will fill their plates with  healthier options first.
  3. Use smaller serving spoons and tongs.
  4. Place sauces and other condiments  in pre-portioned ramekins (which also  enhances a premium perception).
  5. Don’t pre-sauce salads and other items.
  6. Serve vegetables in larger, julienne cuts.
  7. Present meat in smaller pieces.
  8. Serve pre-portioned desserts.


  • Take a stance on sustainability!

  • A responsible buffet reminds people  not to overindulge or be wasteful

The Delboeuf Illusion

The Delboeuf Illusion illustrates how our ability to perceive relative size is easily skewed. Note  how the two dark circles, which are exactly the same size, appear different because of the circles  framing them.1,2 This may explain why similar portions look larger on small plates and why people  tend to overserve themselves on large plates.

delboeuf illusion


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2Delboeuf, 1865