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Summer inspiration with Nestlé advisory chef Ali Traboulsi

Chef Ali Traboulsi

In an exclusive interview with HN, Nestlé advisory chef Ali Traboulsi talks about his favorite Nestlé products and how to keep summer in the kitchen.

You are passionate about fusing different flavors in your dishes. How are you achieving this with Nestlé products?

There is always room for creativity when it comes to food applications from all around the world using Nestlé products. For example, by using Maggi Coconut Milk we can combine different cuisines in just one application, such as coconut ice cream, pina colada, Asian curries, coconut milk cake, coconut truffle, cheesecake and other delicious items.

Are there any tips that you would like to share with fellow chefs who are seeking to serve late-summer dishes?

Always add greenery and colorful vegetables and fruits like asparagus, arugula, red basil, beetroot, mango and berries to dishes. Also add fresh cheese: burrata, ricotta, cream cheese and mascarpone. I recommend adding Mediterranean dishes to menus, such as Caprese salad, humus, eggplant with feta and pesto, seafood salmon asparagus with garlic lemon sauce and garlic yogurt kebab.

If you were to convince someone to try Nestlé products for a summery dish, what would you say?

At Nestlé, we are driven by solutions: consistency, recipe standardization, affordability and efficiency. This can be seen in all of our products, including our Buitoni Tomato Coulis for pastas and pizzas as well as the Nestlé Docello Dessert Range for cold and refreshing desserts.

How can Nestlé products inspire chefs who are seeking to develop their menus?

More and more people are adopting a flexitarian diet, which promotes food sustainability and a healthier lifestyle. I can’t stress enough the importance of offering vegetarian and vegan options. With Nestlé’s new vegan range, SWEET EARTH®, it is now possible for chefs to convert a couple of their core menu items into tasty plant-based offerings that are high in proteins and fibers and suitable for vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians.