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What are the benefits of sous vide cooking?

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Who developed and what is Sous Vide method?

The sous vide method of preserving and cooking in laminated plastic film sachets is generally credited to Chef Georges Pralus from France, this has been discovered in 1967. The food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and cooked in a water bath for longer than usual cooking times (usually 1 to 7 hours, up to 72 or more hours in some cases) at a precisely regulated temperature (55 to 84 °C). 

The benefits of cooking sous vide:

  1. Enhanced flavors

Sous vide food is tastier and infinitely more appealing. As food is vacuum sealed in a sous vide bag, it doesn’t dehydrate or lose its form while cooking. The original weight, flavor and natural color and aroma of the food is not lost. 

  1. Healthier result.

Sous vide food is healthy. Due to the enhanced flavors of sous vide food, little or no additional salt or fat is needed during cooking. Vacuum sealing food is here to ensure that vitamins and minerals are not lost during the cooking process unlike boiling or steaming, this means that all food benefits needed will be present on our plates.

  1. Better textures and tenderness.

Restaurant quality food. Not only is sous vide food tastier, but you’ll also experience the texture of food as it’s meant to be eaten. Gone are the days of chewy chicken and soggy asparagus, sous vide meat is tender and moist, and vegetables retain their crunch, color and vitamins.

  1. Never overcooked. 

Consistently good results. With extremely precise temperature control, the same dish can be prepared time and time again achieving the same results. Ensuring the same quality of raw material every single time will manage to obtain the same results all the way .

  1. Perfect every time.

No more undercooked, chewy, or burnt food. With sous vide this is never an issue. Food will cook all the way through evenly at a low temperature and can be browned or seared afterwards. It’s virtually impossible to overcook food in a water bath. Pan frying food can end up with a piece of food where the outside is cooked, and the inside is still raw. Cooking the food until it’s done on the inside means that it can be overcooked, if not burnt, on the outside.

  1. Organized kitchen.

Organize your cooking time and kitchen. Probably one of the best things about sous vide cooking is that it offers you more control over your timings. Food can be prepared, and vacuum sealed up to a day in advance and left to cook slowly in the water oven. You can serve up your meal whenever you’re ready and you can even sous vide your food overnight.

  1. Stress-free cooking.

Quick and simple meals. The sous vide water bath is just as easy to use as any slow cooker. Once you’ve prepared the food to be cooked, placing the bag in the water bath at the right temperature is all that is required. Many meals can be prepared and cooked in under 30 minutes using the sous vide method.

  1. Bulk cooking.

Cooking large quantities. Sous vide cooking also makes it easy to cook many individual portions for a large group. This method helps to take out the stress of dinner, parties and large events, ensuring a smooth-running operation.  

  1. Extending shelf life.

Extended shelf life. Foods cooked using the sous vide method should be quickly cooled and frozen if required, then thawed and reheated later. I personally recommend a blast chiller for cooling process after sous vide cooked food to insure the best results.  

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